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A Year of Exploring Castles in Wales

We’ve seen so much, learned a lot, made mistakes, had great adventures, a few misadventures, a few breakdowns, a few flat tyres, loads of picnics, driven thousands of miles zig-zagging around Wales, planned routes, drawn maps, organised, been disorganised, climbed mountains, gone the wrong way, started a blog, written articles, taken thousands of pictures, sweated, camped, stayed in hotels, walked, got muddy, fallen over, got scratches and scuffs, been rained on and sunburned and altogether visited a total of 200 castles in Wales in one year!

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Harlech Castle

Harlech Castle; Besieged through the ages – Echoed in song Welcome to the Welsh Castle Projects castle study on Harlech Castle, A castle rich in history and celebrated in song. In this article you will find out all about this impressive fortress; location and how to get there features of the castle history of the

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